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Surpassing traditional managed hosting we offer our Snodonia technology and customer service.

All of our servers are backed up continuously and in case of a failure we automatically provide you with a fallback, faster than humanly possible. We follow the European regulations around data privacy laws and all our servers are located within the European Union.

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Instant backup

In case of a failure you can start a new instance of your service in the blink of an eye.

Automatic failure detection

We automatically detect server craches and start a new instance before you even notice.

Scalable infrastructure

Infrastructure that is designed to work with our distributed datacenter is instantly scalable.


We only use renewable energy sources and the waste heat is maximally recovered.

Energy saved


kWh saved




Ton CO2 saved


Cars of the road


Use servers to heat your hot water or swiming pool.
As a bonus your building gets a renewability label and high speed internet.

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Buildings with Snodonia heating are certified renewable for the European Commission.

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Our team

Our team is currently 2 men strong. If you like our concept and you want to join our battle against energy waste, give us a call...

Bjorn Nuyttens

Bjorn Nuyttens

Hosting specialist
Pieter Buteneers

Pieter Buteneers

Data strategist

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Sales Croft

You ??

Marketing Murphy

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If you want to know more about our concept, do not hesitate to contact us!